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On the benefits of petting a puppy

After a meeting ends we habitually check our emails and then get lost in the flow of work. 

Take a micro break!

To make this easier, list 5 things on a post it note you do after a meeting:

- Stretch

- Make a cup of tea

- Get some fresh air 

- Have a great book on the go that you read for 10 mins

- Pet your dog or cat!

You come back feeling happy and ready for action. 

A study by Deloitte found that 67% of executives and 47% of employees find it difficult to take micro breaks. 

A meta analysis of 22 clinical studies on micro breaks found that taking them leads to better mood, sleep, and productivity (Albulescu et al, 2022).

You work day should be a cadence of exertion and renewal, exertion and renewal. This is the lowest hanging fruit 🍏 

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