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The last taboo in every corporate office. 

If you honour your capacity, you are uncommitted.

As a resilience keynote speaker, I invite audiences to see that this taboo lives inside our heads, and it lives inside our bosses heads. We project it on to each other. A modern panopticon. 

You are uncommitted if you:

- Stop work at a reasonable hour

- Take lunch breaks away from your screen 

- Say no when you are over capacity 

- Don't get back ASAP to non urgent emails 

- Decline a vague meeting with no agenda

- Take long holidays

You are not uncommitted. You are smart. 

You are discerning about what actually advances the business and use your greater level of resource to deliver on that. You are gladly held accountable on your deliverables. The results speak for themselves. 

You are a role model, as we transition from performative busyness to sustainable high performance. 

The way out of the panopticon is to see your colleagues through this lens. 

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