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Ronan Harrington teaches on the KPMG C-Suite Leadership Programme and advises world leading companies on how to create healthy, high performance cultures. 

He is delighting audiences worldwide with a fresh take on resilience, revealing the hidden burnout trajectory that many of us are unwittingly on. His innovative approach helps audiences understand how to boost both productivity and wellbeing, driving company growth during times of change and uncertainty. 

Ronan has delivered world-class keynotes to Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, Aviva, Sky, IHG, Kellogg's, L’Oreal, Sage, the UK Government and Oxford University. 

Major clients work with him because he has a true gift for inspiring audiences. He has gained industry recognition, Highly Commended as Best Live Speaker and shortlisted as the top 5 best story tellers at the 2023 Speaker Awards.
In his keynotes, audiences are introduced to a new way of working grounded in the science of resilience, with practical tools to operate at peak performance without compromising our health.


His delivery is a delightful blend of humorous reflection that encourages us to laugh at ourselves and catchy takeaways that are perfect to share later with families and teams. 

His talks draw on a fascinating array of expertise, including his work as a Lead Futurist to the British Foreign Office. But Ronan’s ultimate power as a keynote speaker is to serve as a cautionary tale that inspires change. 


Ronan’s true power is as a cautionary tale that inspires people to take their well-being seriously. With real vulnerability, Ronan shares how he went from the corridors of power to being diagnosed with a debilitating chronic illness. Clients often describe being deeply moved by Ronan’s story of burnout and credit him with inspiring a deeper commitment to change how they work. 
Now more than ever, we need guidance on how to keep going in the face of adversity. Ronan’s story is a moving reminder that even the most difficult circumstances are an invitation to transform.

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