Ronan is a rare speaker that combines the vision and energy of the next generation with real leadership experience. 


At 23, he was nominated as one of the youngest Fellows of the Royal Society of the Arts;

at 24, he was Head of Innovation at a global creative agency,

at 25, he was a lead futurist to the British Foreign Office;

at 26, he attended Balliol College and the Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford University;

at 27, he was the youngest executive in the City of London, as Director of Futures and Strategy at RPC;

at 28, he founded Alter Ego, a global network of experts in disruption and resilience. 

At 32, he led the political strategy for the global climate movement. 

He continues to combine his dual expertise in resilience and disruption; having worked this year as a strategic lead for RethinkX and Client Director at Tough Cookie, the mental resilience training company. 

A visionary thinker on the future of society, Ronan leaves audiences with a compelling understanding of where the world is going, and who we must become. 

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Working with Leaders

In 2016, Ronan founded Alter Ego, an organisation working to gather high profile leaders in order to find our way out of this crisis moment in history. Alter Ego gatherings have brought the world’s most pioneering business and political leaders in high profile retreats to decode this process of psychological and cultural change at an organisational and societal level.

Ronan now applies this thinking with leaders who are affecting transformational change at the highest levels of international media, business, politics and the arts. His most recent work has included being a lead facilitator for the Reformist Group, a high powered network of international business, political and media leaders who are advising on future reforms to the European Union. He was also a lead contributor to Theama, a multidisciplinary think tank providing insight and inspiration for the world renowned choreographer Akram Khan as he devised his final solo performance Xenos.