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I  guest teaches on the KPMG C-Suite Leadership Programme and advises the world's leading companies on how to create healthy, high performing cultures.

My expertise comes from an array of senior leadership roles.

Over a decade ago, I  became one of the youngest Fellows of the Royal Society of the Arts. 


As a lead Futurist to the British Foreign Office (at the age of 24), I authored a report on the world of 2030 and how the British Government should respond.

I received a Masters in Public Policy from Balliol College, Oxford University, and then became one of youngest executives in the City of London, as Director of Futures and Strategy at RPC. 

In 2020, I led the political strategy for Extinction Rebellion, creating the negotiation strategy for talks with the British Government and coordinating a global political movement in over 60 cities around the world.


Like many leaders, the weight of responsibility led to severe burnout and in my case being diagnosed with a chronic health condition. 

Having overcome incredible adversity, I am in a unique position to speak from lived experience about the hidden drivers of burnout and what neuroscience-based tools, and cutting-edge team practices are best to manage stress, overwhelm and drama. 

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