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You can experience 13 keynote and workshop offerings for conferences, webinars, away days and in-house leadership programmes. Skim the headline topics you are interested in and then read the deliverables your people will get.


Together, we can shift your organisation to a sustainable high performance culture


Become a High Performer With a Low Risk of Burnout

Are you being pulled in a million directions, putting out fires, and running on fumes?


In our demanding work cultures, far too many of us are operating in an unsustainable state of burnout. But there's a better way - a path to resilience that unlocks your highest performance without sacrificing your wellbeing.

In this eye-opening and award-winning keynote, I reveal the secrets to achieving sustainable excellence, grounded in the science of resilience.


Through my jaw-dropping personal story, you'll bear witness to the cautionary tale of a rising star who went from the corridors of power to being diagnosed with a lifetime chronic condition.

With remarkable vulnerability and hard-won wisdom, I share what it truly means to cultivate resilience in the face of ongoing adversity.


You'll walk away with:

  • A new understanding of what drains versus renews your energy

  • Practical, science-backed tools to reset your work practices

  • Rituals to prioritise rejuvenation and avoiding depletion

  • Techniques to inspire resilience as a team and organisational culture

Prepare to experience a profound mind-shift around how to thrive as a high performer in our overstressed world. You'll emerge with a revitalising new model of sustainable excellence to upgrade your life's work.

A list of videos of me speaking on sub topics can be found under speaking videos on the navigation. 


​Leading Resilient High Performance Teams

In today's frantic workplace, managers often find themselves overwhelmed and operating in crisis mode - merely reacting and redistributing tasks. You deserve better than dutiful order-taker status. It's time to elevate to become a world-class performance conductor and caring people leader.

This transformative keynote and hands-on workshop will equip you with the mindsets and tools to build surplus time and emotional capacity. You'll learn how to provide the support, autonomy, and psychological freedom that unleashes your team's full potential.

Through engaging activities and a comprehensive new framework, you'll master:

  • Collaborative rituals that make difficult conversations a daily habit

  • Powerful strategies to shift from blame to a culture of responsibility

  • Techniques to role model resilience and inspire emotional fortitude

  • Ways to nurture a high-freedom, high-accountability environment

  • Best practices for masterful appreciation that energizes your people

You'll transcend being a mere task coordinator to become a dedicated conductor of human capability. As you apply these proven methods, you'll watch your team's performance soar to new heights.


No more operating in crisis mode. Instead, your people will feel truly seen, cared for and empowered to do the best work of their careers.

The ability to build and sustain a high-resilience, high-performance culture is the hallmark of an extraordinary leader. A profound transformation awaits teams ready to step up and embrace a new way of operating and collaborating.

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Take Back Control: How to make knowledge work productive again

Knowledge work is broken. We're drowning in a relentless digital avalanche of tasks, addicted to busyness and reactive "lawn mowing" our to-do lists.  


Faced with punishing workloads and the tyranny of 24/7 availability, we end up burned out and delivering diluted impact.


There's a better way. In this eye-opening keynote and transformative workshop, you'll master a radical new methodology to reclaim your focus, rejuvenation and ability to create "wow" experiences that drive fierce client and employee loyalty.

Through powerful insights, interactive exercises and a comprehensive new framework, you'll learn to:

  • Flip the script on toxic productivity norms holding you hostage

  • Upgrade your personal energy management for fierce focus and renewal

  • Rewrite the client engagement model for sustainable value creation

  • Foster a culture of healthy excellence that doesn't sacrifice wellbeing

  • Streamline chaos and upshift to higher-leverage, high-impact work


You have the power to break the burnout cycle of constant hustle. Whether you lead an organisation or simply want to elevate your own game, you'll emerge with a revitalising new blueprint for driving true excellence. No more settling for fragmented efforts and mediocre results.

Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 08.39.17.png
Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 08.39.17.png
High Performance leadership Talk Show: Hard Won Wisdom, From the Inside

Leading a high-performing team or organisation is one of the toughest challenges out there. The idealized practices spouted by thought leaders often fall short when put to the test in real-world circumstances.


That's why this one-of-a-kind leadership talk show taps into the hard-won wisdom from the insider's view.

In a panel-style format, you'll go behind the scenes with your organisation's most respected leaders as they reveal their personal leadership journeys. With captivating stories and hard-hitting truths, they'll bare all about what it actually takes to achieve sustainable high performance.

Your leaders will be prompted to share their most valuable lessons on driving productivity without burnout, fostering psychological safety, navigating complex workplace dynamics, and inspiring teams through adversity.

Then, their battle-tested experiences will be paired with my external expertise, connecting the dots to the latest high performance leadership research and case studies. This potent combination means the most impactful strategies aren't just articulated - they're scrutinised and road-tested by those who live them day-to-day.

Through the raw stories, lively debates, and integrated insights, you'll gain:

  • A profound inside look at how your top leaders problem-solve

  • Proven best practices from the trenches that truly work

  • Ability to apply high performance principles pragmatically

  • Understanding of which behaviours to emulate and pitfalls to avoid

  • A leadership development experience brimming with vulnerability and wisdom

Ditch the leadership fatigue from drinking still another firehose of third-party advice that doesn't stick. This talk show flips the model to extract and elevate the wisdom already inside your organisation's ranks. It's the most authentic, actionable and applicable leadership performance catalyst available.

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The Power Moves that Revitalise Our Mental Health

We're all striving for more balance, vitality and positive mind states. Yet too often we exhaust ourselves chasing elusive "work-life balance" through sheer willpower and personal discipline alone. The truth is, no amount of morning meditations can compensate for having your days pulled in a million draining directions.

In this enlightening seminar, you'll discover the often-overlooked external adjustments that empower you to feel more centered, joyful and mentally resilient from the inside out.


Explore surprising yet eminently practical "power moves" that allow you to:

  • Regain control of your agenda for sustainable energy management

  • Tend to the four pillars of your life - home, family, work, health

  • Optimise your environment to feed motivation and positive outlook

  • Develop the self-coaching ability to gracefully navigate life pivots

  • Foster a culture of openness about mental health and emotional fortitude

  • Cultivate empowering mindsets to thrive through adversity

Through powerful stories, eye-opening research, and hands-on exercises, you'll gain an integrated toolkit to uplevel your daily experience. You'll emerge with game-changing strategies to reduce anxiety, minimize depletion, and amplify your energy and fulfillment.

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Future-Proof Your Company: Master the Human Skills for the AI Age​

Artificial intelligence is redefining work as we know it. The jobs of tomorrow will be radically different than today. As AI automates routine tasks, the most valuable skills will be the uniquely human ones that machines can't replicate.

In this thought-provoking keynote and interactive workshop, you'll gain the essential mindsets and capabilities to future-proof your career and company in the age of intelligent technologies.



  • The key human skills that will be in exponential demand as AI advances

  • How to cultivate creativity, judgement, and high emotional intelligence

  • Strategies to continuously reinvent yourself and acquire new abilities

  • Techniques to maximise human-machine collaboration and teamwork

  • Frameworks to thrive amid constant change and navigate career pivots

Through powerful exercises, you'll build muscle memory in skills like complex reasoning, empathy, influential communication, and coaching ability. You'll learn to pair your human ingenuity with technology for radically improved results.

AI is either the best or worst thing to happen to careers. Those who upskill and embrace hybrid human-machine roles will soar. Those who fail to evolve stagnate. Take charge of your future by mastering the durable skills to adapt and thrive.

Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 08.27.02.png
Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 08.27.02.png
Shatter the Success Ceiling with a Boundless Growth Mindset​

In the age of relentless disruption, organizations that achieve sustainable high performance aren't just talented - they're obsessed with getting better every single day. They have an unstoppable growth mindset that powers ongoing adaptation, learning, and performance gains.

This mind-shifting keynote and immersive workshop will equip you with the strategies to activate a transformative, growth-obsessed culture across your teams.


You'll discover:

  • The powerful beliefs and behaviours that unleash perpetual growth

  • Frameworks to embrace challenges as fuel instead of avoiding them

  • How to reframe failure as data instead of something to fear or conceal

  • Rituals to nurture proliferating feedback, curiosity and development

  • Techniques to role model, motivate and coach a growth mindset daily

Through eye-opening insights, self-assessments and hands-on tools, you'll transcend the fixed mindsets, competency traps and mental ceilings sabotaging your organisation's true potential.


You'll cultivate an environment where continuous renewal, upskilling and raising standards is business as usual.


Growth-oriented cultures attract and amplify top talent. Their resilience allows them to seize emerging opportunities faster. And they course-correct in real time, out-learning and out-innovating competitors.

Stop hitting performance plateaus. Never settle for good enough. Whether you're an established market leader or ambitious upstart, a limitless growth mindset will prove your ultimate competitive advantage.

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Candour Unleashed: Master the Art of Difficult Conversation

Tough talks at work can be minefields to navigate.


Whether you're giving tough feedback, dealing with underperformance, or discussing sensitive issues like compensation, the stakes are high. One wrong step can demolish trust and crater relationships.

In this powerful keynote and hands-on workshop, you'll be equipped with a game-changing framework called Radical Candour.


You'll learn how to:

  • Build trusting, honest relationships while avoiding brutality

  • Say what needs to be said while still caring personally

  • Eliminate fear and motivate people rather than hurt them

  • Challenge directly while showing you care about each person

Through real-world examples, engaging activities, and proven tools, you'll walk away able to tackle even the most difficult conversations with confidence and skill. Stop walking on eggshells and start getting real in a way that unlocks peak performance.

Candid communication doesn't have to be a clash of egos or personal attacks. Master the Radical Candour approach to have caring, productive dialogues that clear the air and move everyone forward. You'll transform your ability to navigate life's toughest talks.

Pax8 Leadership MARCH 2022-148.jpeg

The Fearless Organisation: Unleash Peak Performance through Psychological Safety

In today's world, psychological safety is the ultimate game-changer. When people feel safe to speak up and be candid, innovation and productivity explode.

Yet most workplaces inadvertently create cultures of fear that strangles honesty.


In this eye-opening keynote and workshop, you'll discover:

  • What psychological safety is and why it's crucial for high performance

  • Proven strategies to create an environment of trust

  • How to embrace failure and divergent thinking as fuel for growth

  • Techniques to nurture candour in a way that inspires people to dig deeper and find their true potential

Through powerful activities and a science-backed framework, you'll gain tools to make psychological safety second nature.


You'll inspire your team to voice ideas, take risks, and push past fear. Seize this opportunity to nurture a fearless, truth-telling culture that catapults success. 

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Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 09.12.16.png

Unleash Innovation by Mastering the Experiment Mindset

In this era of constant disruption, the companies that thrive are the ones that innovate relentlessly. But how do you build a culture of unstoppable innovation? By transforming your organisation into a living lab of experimentation.

This high-impact keynote and hands-on workshop will equip you with the strategies to drive a pervasive culture of curiosity, testing, and intelligent risk-taking.



  • The game-changing mindsets that unleash breakthrough innovation

  • Powerful frameworks for rapid experimentation and validated learning

  • How to nurture an environment safe for failure, questions, and unconventional ideas

  • Best practices for testing, measuring, and pivoting faster than competitors

  • Proven techniques to make experimentation a habit across your organisation

Through immersive activities, real-world case studies, and an actionable toolbox, you'll gain the ability to hardwire a bias toward action over inertia. You'll empower your people to explore new boundaries, embrace ambiguity, and find new solutions to your biggest challenges.

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Undivided: Reshaping Your Exec Leadership Team Into a Unified Powerhouse

At the senior leadership level, the stakes for cohesion couldn't be higher. Misalignment, politics, and dysfunctional dynamics prevent critical coordination and cripple execution.


Yet all too often, these destructive forces go unaddressed as leadership teams fracture into silos and personal agendas.

In this impactful experience, your senior team will undergo a powerful intervention - setting you on a profound journey from fragmented to an aligned, unstoppable force.


Through a precise methodology, you'll:

  • Surface and resolve the hidden conflicts stunting your collective performance

  • Reforge broken trust and practice truth-telling in a safe environment

  • Develop a profound appreciation for each other's unique gifts and complementary talents

  • Co-create an inspiring shared vision that harnesses your united strengths

  • Hardwire rituals for sustained teamwork, cohesion and accountability

This is no surface-level team building exercise. Your leadership tribe will engage in a profoundly transformative process to reshape your culture from the inside out. You'll emerge with a palpable ethos shift - operating as a fiercely unified front energised by deep care for each other's success.

The cost of a divided leadership team is staggering.Costly dropped balls, countless hours wasted on misalignment, and performance capped at a fraction of its potential. In contrast, truly unified senior teams galvanise organisations to soar like never before.

Forge the leadership unity to command your future. Become the unstoppable force that moulds your company's destiny and legacy.

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Connect, Confess, and Catalyze: An Away Day Team Transformation

In our frenetic work lives, we rarely pause to build the human bonds and shared mindsets that propel teams to greatness. This away day is designed to be the antidote - creating the spaces for teammates to connect authentically, embrace vulnerability, and forge the psychological safety to pursue bold goals.

The day kicks off with a "Conversation Cafe" - an opportunity to go beyond surface chitchat. Through impromptu storytelling and prompted discussions, you'll discover the hopes, histories, and hidden talents of your teammates in profound new ways.

As trust builds, the energy amplifies in the evening's "Failure Fest" - an open mic celebration of career setbacks, recoveries, and hard-won lessons. This wildly entertaining yet meaningful event creates a bonded culture of truth-telling and anti-fragility.

By stripping back the masks we often wear at work, you'll experience freedom to:

  • Build relational foundations of human understanding and care

  • Create spaciousness to have unguarded, energising conversations

  • Surface fresh perspectives by suspending judgment and listening deeply

  • Seed new levels of empathy, vulnerability-based trust, and psychological safety

  • Explore ambitious new possibilities born from candid idea cross-pollination

Away days are too often mired in forced "team building" activities that induce cringes, not connection. This unique experience flips the model, creating an environment for teammates to be fully themselves and co-create their desired culture.

Discover unexpected depths to your colleagues. Lay the groundwork for your team's next breakthrough. Build human canvases to paint bolder visions. It's time to transcend workplace norms and catalyze team alchemy.

Ongoing Consultancy to Institutionalise Sustainable High Performance

A powerful new model of sustainable high performance is sweeping leading organizations - one that relentlessly boosts productivity and innovation while fiercely protecting employee wellbeing. This isn't an either/or paradigm, but a mutual reinforcement.

Through finely-tuned cultural rituals and workplace design, industry pioneers are strategically creating periods of deep focus and rejuvenation.


They've cultivated a collective capacity to operate with intense energy bursts, punctuated by complete renewal.

While most know what a sustainable high performance engine looks like, the bigger challenge is how to get it built and humming across an entire organization. After all, leaders and employees alike must let go of long-held beliefs and habits that propelled early career success.

This is where my consultancy framework comes in. Drawing on cutting-edge research and the proven methodologies used by companies like Dropbox and Netflix, I partner with you to hardwire sustainable excellence into your cultural DNA through the 3 M' model developed by Nick Petrie:

  • Mindsets: Overhauling belief systems to inspire new priorities

  • Mechanisms: Instituting processes and flows to lock in new behaviors

  • Modelling: Creating irresistible social modeling from the top down 

Through a potent combination of workshops, coaching, and hands-on implementation support, I'll equip your organisation with the integrated capabilities to continuously define, embed, and scale any sustainable leadership practice you wish to nurture.

The future belongs to companies that reject burnout-driving, scarcity-based cultures. With this holistic transformation, you'll keep your organization operating in an epically energized, stunningly innovative state of sustainable high performance.

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