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Ronan Harrington Speaker

Instant Consigliere

"Consigliere: A truster adviser"

I believe leaders are at their best when they have someone that fully backs them. 

The problem

As a senior leader, you carry heavy burdens and strategic dilemmas that you need to unpack and resolve quickly. But you may not have the right internal confidant and are left waiting for your next coaching session. 


Alongside a rhythm of deep dive coaching sessions, I include my Instant Consigliere service for free.


How it works

  • You can reach out to me anytime between 6am-8pm via text or voice message. I'll provide brief insightful reflections and actionable advice within three hours, or we can arrange a same-day15 min call to dive deeper into your dilemma.

  • You can use WhatsApp for ease or Telegram with instantly self deleting messages for complete peace of mind. 

  • Illustrative examples of the support I can provide are in a PDF document at the bottom of the page. Mini examples of the kind of daily check-ins that executives reach out to me about are included in each section of this page. You will be surprised by the variety of burdens and dilemmas we have to hold for too long on our own. My approach and detailed answers are in the PDF document.  

Trusted by the World's Top Executives

I'm a sought-after leadership coach who's earned the trust of the world's most influential executives and organisations.

I teach on the prestigious KPMG Executive Leadership Programme, guiding the next generation of C-suite leaders. And I've provided high-level coaching to senior vice presidents at Fortune 500 powerhouses.

My client roster reads like a who's who of industry giants - from financial juggernauts like Deloitte and EY, to innovative companies like Siemens Energy, Aviva, Sage, and Sky. I've even advised the UK Treasury and Oxford University on developing resilient, high-performance culture.  

Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals


As your Instant Consigliere, I don't just provide a sounding board - I'll actively partner with you to turn your biggest aspirations into reality.

Through our regular coaching sessions, we'll start by deeply exploring your values, purpose, and vision for the future. What do you want your legacy to be? What kind of impact do you want to have?

From there, we'll translate those lofty ambitions into concrete, measurable goals - both short-term and long-term. I'll help you break down daunting objectives into actionable steps, holding you accountable along the way.

But goal-setting is just the first step. The real work comes in consistent execution, navigating inevitable obstacles, and maintaining motivation over the long haul. That's where my expertise as an executive coach is invaluable.

I'll provide ongoing guidance, encouragement, and course-correction to ensure you stay on track. We'll celebrate your wins, learn from your setbacks, and adjust your approach as needed. Most importantly, I'll be a steadfast partner, always keeping your most meaningful goals at the forefront.​

Cultivate Unshakable Resilience


As a globally recognised resilience expert, I'll equip you with the tools and strategies to manage stress, prevent burnout, and maintain peak performance even in the face of adversity.

Through our coaching, we'll explore research-backed practices to strengthen your mental, physical, and emotional resilience. You'll develop the self-awareness and proactive habits to renew your energy, expand your capacity, and keep going strong.


With an Instant Consigliere in your corner, you'll build the resilience to overcome any challenge and achieve sustainable high performance. Together, we'll ensure you have the resources to thrive, not just survive, in your demanding role.

Daily Check-in Example 

Sarah, the CFO of a large multinational corporation, reaches out via text message one morning saying she's had a bad night’s sleep and is feeling overwhelmed. "I've been working around the clock to get this merger done, and I'm starting to feel like I'm running on empty. I can barely keep my focus during meetings and I snapped at my team yesterday. I need help before I completely crash and burn."

Foster a Culture of Exceptional Performance

As an advisor to Fortune 500 companies, I've guided senior leaders in creating dynamic, high-performing teams. Drawing on this real-world experience, I'll share practical strategies to address dysfunction, improve productivity, and bring out the best in your people.

Through our coaching, we'll diagnose the specific challenges holding your team back and design tailored solutions. Whether it's aligning on a shared vision, improving communication, or developing stronger accountability - I'll equip you with the tools to foster a culture of exceptional performance.

With an Instant Consigliere by your side, you'll have the confidence and clarity to effectively implement your leadership vision. Together, we'll transform your team into a well-oiled machine, driven by a shared sense of purpose and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Daily Check-in Example

Tom, the VP of Sales at a fast-growing tech company, messages me in frustration after a particularly contentious team meeting. "I thought we were making progress on aligning the team around our new go-to-market strategy, but things just fell apart again. The product leads are still hoarding resources, the customer success team is blaming sales for poor handoffs, and everyone is just pointing fingers. I'm at a loss for how to get these silos to work together."

Navigate Organisational Politics with Confidence


As an experienced political strategist, I'll provide you with the insights and guidance to effectively navigate the complex web of organisational politics. Leveraging my background in government, politics, and strategic foresight, I'll help you build influential networks, leverage your power, and advance your agenda with finesse.

Through our coaching, we'll identify the key stakeholders, power dynamics, and unwritten rules at play within your organisation. I'll then work with you to devise a strategic political plan, equipping you with the soft skills and situational awareness to deploy your influence with precision.

Whether you're seeking to drive a major initiative, secure a promotion, or align your team around a shared vision - an Instant Consigliere in your corner will give you the confidence and political savvy to succeed. Together, we'll ensure your voice is heard and your ideas take root, even in the face of entrenched resistance.

Daily Check-in Example: 

Lisa, the Head of Innovation at a large financial services firm, reaches out with an urgent voice message. "I just got ambushed in a meeting with the CFO and his team. They're threatening to cut funding for our new product launch if we don't scale back our timeline and scope. I feel completely blindsided and I'm not sure how to respond."

Elevate Your Public Speaking Impact

As a globally recognised expert on public speaking and storytelling, I'll help you captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Through our coaching, I'll draw out your unique voice and presence, empowering you to speak with authenticity and confidence. We'll refine your messaging, hone your delivery, and equip you with practical techniques to connect deeply with any audience.

Whether you're delivering a keynote, presenting to the board, or leading an important meeting, I'll ensure you make the impact you deserve. With an Instant Consigliere by your side, you'll elevate your public speaking abilities to new heights.

Daily Check-in Example: 


The day before his big investor presentation, David, the CEO of a mid-sized software company, sends me a worried text message. "I've been practising my presentation for hours, but I'm still not feeling confident about it. I keep stumbling over certain sections and I'm worried I'll freeze up when I'm up there. Can we hop on a call to go over it one more time?"

Trusted by Top Executives

Don't just take my word for it - hear what senior leaders have to say:

"Ronan is a world-class resilience teacher. His ability to connect leaders with themselves is rare."


John Waterfield, Head of Strategic Relationships, KPMG


"I would recommend anyone working in a high-performance culture or role to spend time with Ronan."


Chris McBrayne, VP Technology, IBM


With numerous clients, can you really respond within three hours to my leadership dilemmas?

I am lucky that 90% of my work are 60min keynotes. Apart from 30min client discovery calls and 50 min coaching sessions, I have ample free time to respond within three hours. I reserve this offering for a handful of clients at any given time so I have the time to give you the support you need. I have piloted this service for 6 months with multiple senior leaders to asses that I can deliver on my promise.  

This sounds like a premium service, how much does it cost?

It costs the typical amount that senior leaders get as a stipend for coaching support. This is typically £200-500 per session. Luckily many have an organisational stipend because their senior management recognise this is the deeper level of support for their top talent need to operate at their best.

The service offering looks intriguing, I’m still not sure what I would reach out to you about, and how you could support me. Can you provide some illustrative examples?

The document below has detailed examples of how I can support you.

Contact me

Get in touch so we can explore what it might mean to work together.

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