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What I learned hosting my leadership talk show with Farrer & Co.

I interview four partners with a combined 83 years of experience.

The theme was High Performance Leadership. I asked them for their hard won wisdom and then shared what the research says, and then we interrogated whether the theory works in practice. I love road testing ideas with leaders at the coal face.

My thesis is that knowledge work is broken because of excessive workload and 24/7 social mobile technology. Faced with a never ending digital avalanche of tasks, we are addicted to being always on. That burns us out and we end up with a skewed version of impact.

I call it ‘mowing the lawn’, confusing productivity as getting through volume of work to keep the garden tamed, rather than resourcing ourselves and then asking what would really create a WOW experience for our clients and people. This is what creates life time loyalty.

I showcased how to drive higher productivity, deepen renewal, how to change the client dynamic so you both can work in a sustainable way, and how to role model healthy excellence for your team.

But you can have the best plans in the world, but legal firms can feel like ER departments when client requests come flying in, and that’s where hard won wisdom comes in.

I heard about how resilience is actually a deeper acceptance that our days can’t always be controlled, how to triage intelligently, how to keep surfacing the bigger project plan so if you hit bumps in the road the client has confidence we’ll get there. There was also chat about a robot lawn mower that makes your life admin easier! 😅

Big thank you to Laura Conduit, Julian Pike Kathleen Heycock and Russell Cohen for sharing your hard won wisdom.

If your company needs a leadership talk show that gets the wisdom from the inside, and the expertise from the outside, get in touch.

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