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The office is the new offsite

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

"The office is the new offsite"

As a burnout keynote speaker, I often share that the key to getting hybrid working right is clarity of purpose.

Working from home is for uninterrupted, deep focus.

The office is for collective belonging, interpersonal connection, collaborative work, and knowledge sharing.

This means HR and people managers have to curate these experiences. They will not happen on their own.

The office has to feel like an event that's worth going to. Otherwise, apart from being forced, why would you bother coming in?

We are in cultural limbo and people will default to old ways of working. As a tribal species, we always take our cue from who's above us in the hierarchy. Therefore people managers play a crucial part in role modelling a hybrid way of working. If your people managers are not on board, the company will continue to be stuck in limbo.

Here are some actions to get started. If you're interested in a 90 min workshop on hybrid behaviours for people managers, message me.

For a deeper dive, listen to this McKinsey podcast on building a great hybrid culture. Thanks @Karlee Scott-Murphy for the heads up.

This piece was originally shared as a post on my LinkedIn and inspired by day-to-day insights from my own experience with burnout and my work as a well-being keynote speaker and resilience strategist.

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