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The Dopamine Slot Machine

Your work day is over, but you can't seem to pull yourself away.

There's nothing that can't wait until tomorrow, but you find yourself doing the rounds of emails and social media. It's perhaps why you are here.

What's going on is we don't want to get off the dopamine slot machine.

Often we don't have a compelling mid -week alternative evening plan apart from a home cooked dinner and more screens.

One hack is to learn an instrument with an app that uses the dopamine reward system to gamify your learning.

I am learning the piano with Simply Piano. It's a riot of pings and flashy affirmations as I make progress ⚡

I'm harnessing my screen addiction for my well-being.

Note: The long term solution is to make plans in advance that don't involve screens. I'm going Swimming in an hour and then have a singing class, if you care to know!

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