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Inspiring Deloitte’s Partners

Yesterday was a significant moment on my journey to share my message with the world.

I had the honor of speaking to the top 150 partners and senior directors at Deloitte Financial Services.

I advised them on how to expand their incredible growth journey by unlearning a legacy culture of pushing through and shifting to a new way of working built on resilience.

Beyond the analysis I took them into the heart: the human journey of shouldering our burdens and transforming from adversity. I could feel my own legs wobble as I revealed my story but was steadied as I looked out and felt a group of humans who had been through their own struggles and were with me all the way.

Under the leadership of Scott WheatleyRichard Eighteen, Lucinda Hedley, Hammad Rafique and Jonathan Gray, performance and care are being woven together to create a powerhouse.

At end of the day, Scott Wheatley reminded us of the stat shared earlier by Suky Sandhu that people’s mental health is impacted 70% more by their line manager than by their doctor and has the same impact as our partners at home. As leaders we have a unique opportunity to create environments that not only attract the best people, but ease the burdens we all carry.

This is the future of business.

Thank you Chris MadelinStacey Peake and Lucinda Swan and for your support and London Speaker Bureau for your continued faith in me.

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