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New Research Alert! 🚨

I surveyed 1,500 professionals and the average person has 5 out of 9 burnout risk factors.

The bad news: If you have 3 or more, you are in the danger zone.

Based on Nick Petrie's framework, adapted to incorporate the latest academic research, these risk factors are proven predictors of burnout. 

The 9 are:

🔥 High workload

🔥 High anxiety about work

🔥 Lack of boundaries

🔥 Belief 'I must endure'

🔥 Perfectionism

🔥 Too isolated

🔥 Can't switch off

🔥 Unsupportive boss

🔥 Lack of resources

How many do you have? Take the quiz to assess your risk and get strategies to stay resilient:

Visit my website for speaking and workshop formats that can create a sustainable high performance culture.

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