Keywords: digital overwhelm, resilience, stress management, cultural change

The world is in chaos and our lives are overwhelmingly complex. This triggers a stress response that keeps us stressed and stuck in old patterns of behaviour and outdated work cultures.


What we’re missing is a developmental perspective that sees adversity as opportunities for growth on a personal and cultural level. This allows us to become the people that our organisations and societies need to function.


In this insightful talk, Ronan shares his expertise on social and political trends, having worked as a futurist for the British Foreign Office. Through amusing anecdotes, he reveals the deeper patterns that are unfolding so we can better understand our uncertain future. He then shares the science of stress management, revealing how pioneering organisations in his leadership network are adapting to our complex new world by creating the conditions for personal and collective growth.  


This is a must see talk for leaders who are facing overwhelm and companies who are seeking to refresh their work cultures to meet the challenges of the future.


His three min video: are we too overwhelmed to save the world? gives a taster of his thinking on the importance of psychological growth to meet the challenges of our time.  

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