Optimism After Covid
Cancel the apocalyse 2.jpeg

Keywords: future thinking, technological disruption, resilience, cultural change

The world is awash with doom and gloom, but it's missing an understanding of how disruptive technology will drive civilisational change, all in the next decade. Have you assumptions upended, and feel (cautiously) optimistic once more

In this insightful talk, Ronan shares his expertise on social and political trends, having worked as a futurist for the British Foreign Office. Through amusing anecdotes, he reveals the deeper patterns that are paving the way for the biggest transformation in human history. 


This is a must see talk for leaders who are  seeking to combat pessimism about the future, and open people's minds to possibility.


This talk is based on a body of work called Rethinking Humanity by James Arbib and Tony Seba. He is now working with them on developing the thinking and narrative.