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I support the world's leading organisations to go from Burnout to Resilience. 

My talks and follow up trainings are simple: I share the hidden drivers of burnout and give people science based tools to become resilient under pressure. I then teach leaders the ten mindsets and behaviours that are key to scaling a healthy, high performance culture. 
My expertise comes from my senior leadership positions at the British Foreign Office and Extinction Rebellion; as a Resilience Specialist at Tough Cookie, and guest contributor to the KPMG Executive Leadership Programme.

We can work together to create a fearless organisation, one where people feel safe and empowered to do their best work.

My video below will give you the best feel for what I bring. 
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"Developing a fearless organisational culture is the key to success but the challenges of implementing the steps to get there require expert facilitation from someone as gifted as Ronan."

Robert Belgrave, CEO Pax8 EMEA

Clients say that what makes me unique is that I don't just talk about transformation, I'm actually able to create it.

That's because transformation has been an imperative for me. Overnight, I went from being a political leader of a global movement to being diagnosed with a lifetime chronic illness.

I've had to dig deeper to transform, and so from lived experience, I am able to invite senior leaders into the deeper territories of change.

Overcoming how we're wired, our unquestioned beliefs, engrained behaviours, and daily habits: this is the gap between the culture we talk about and the culture we have. 

With leading companies around the world, I close this gap. 
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Alongside my keynotes, I'm a resilience specialist at Tough Cookie and create transformational off-sites for senior leaders. 

Book an introductory session today to learn about the ten leadership mindsets and behaviours that are the key to scaling a healthy, high performance culture.


The best way to begin working together, is to bring me in to deliver a 60 min 'lunch and learn' keynote on a priority leadership topic. In one hour, I will train all your staff at once and create a powerful emotional experience.  
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Insightful, authentic and engaging. Ronan is a great presenter, taking a topic most are familiar with, but don’t really understand, unpacking the myths, laying out the systemic triggers and teaching some great scientifically backed techniques.

His personal story is highly compelling and I would recommend anyone working in a high performance culture or role to spend time with Ronan


Chris McBrayne, Vice President Technology, IBM

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I’ve told so many people about Ronan's talk as it was one of the most thought provoking and poignant presentations I’ve ever had


Dave Exall, Chief Information and Digital Transformation Officer, Simply Health


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