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I'm a keynote speaker with an inspiring story of how to lead under pressure and keep going in the face of adversity.  
I teach on the KPMG Executive Leadership Programme and advise world leading companies on how to create resilient, high performance organisations.

My innovative approach boosts productivity and wellbeing, helping companies to raise the bar of performance during times of demanding change. 

It’s the reason industry leaders trust me to work with their people.  

Ronan is a world class resilience teacher. His ability to connect leaders with themselves and each other is rare.  

John Waterfield, Head of Strategic Relationships, KPMG

I blend the cutting edge science of resilience with memorable take aways to boost individual and team performance, all delivered with humour and flair. 

My thesis is that knowledge work is broken because of excessive workload and 24/7 addictive social mobile technology. We can never switch off and that burns us out and skews our notion of productivity. We end up ‘mowing the lawn’, seeing productivity as grinding through volume of work, rather than creating the space and time to create actual game changing value. An experience that will wow your customers and employees. That creates life time loyalty. 

This makes me the ideal speaker for conferences, leadership off-sites and all hands webinars where clients want to catalyse a shift to a culture of sustainable high performance.  

Ronan gave the key-note speech to all 200 of our Senior Financial Services Consulting Leaders on the topic of ‘resilience versus endurance’. Our Leadership Team are still talking about it and it has prompted a very healthy and open discussion about how we build resilience for ourselves and our people.

Thank you Ronan – you were brilliant.

Scott Wheatley - Head of Financial Consulting, Deloitte​


Industry leaders work with me because I have a gift for inspiring audiences.

What truly sets me apart is the ability to inspire through my own story - a jaw dropping cautionary tale about the pressures of leadership. As a former futurist to the British Foreign Office, I navigated the corridors of power before being diagnosed with a lifetime chronic pain condition.

You may be considering many keynote speakers right now, but it's rare for one to reveal the aching vulnerability of being in an ongoing adversity. But this is precisely the lucidity, depth and wisdom we need.

It's through the stories of others that we come to a deeper understanding of ourselves. By sharing myself fully, I reveal what it truly means to be resilient.

Keynote and Workshop Topics

I have 13 keynote and workshop offerings for conferences, webinars, away days and in-run leadership programmes. They can be viewed in detail on my topic page.
  • Becoming a High Performer with a Low Risk of Burnout​
  • Leading Resilient High Performance Teams
  • Take Back Control: How to Make Knowledge Work Productive Again
  • The Power Moves that Boosts Our Mental Health 
  • Leadership Talk Show: Hard Won Wisdom, From the Inside
  • Future-Proof Your Company: Master the Human Skills for the AI Age
  • Shatter the Success Ceiling with a Boundless Growth Mindset
  • Candour Unleashed: Master the Art of Difficult Conversations
  • The Fearless Organization: Unleash Peak Performance through Psychological Safety
  • Unleash Innovation by Mastering the Experiment Mindset
  • Forging Unity: Transforming Senior Leadership Teams from Fragments to Force
  • Away Day Team Building: Conversation Cafe & Open Mic / Failure Fest Night
  • ​Ongoing Consultancy: Embedding a Sustainable High Performance Culture

On my topic page, each keynote and workshop has full list of key take aways so you can assess if they will meet your learning objectives. I often create bespoke keynotes and adapt existing ones to fit the theme and messaging my clients want to prioritise, so reach out if you have a specific brief in mind. 

I left Ronan’s talk truly speechless and determined to take better care of myself. He tells his resilience story through sharing deeply moving lived experiences, anchoring it with compelling science, breathing it to life with humour and relatability – a rare, powerful alchemy that goes so far beyond a typical “keynote speaker” it seems a miss to even refer to it as that.

Essential. Inspirational. Human.

Julia Jahn - Director, Employee Experience AKQA

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