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Resilience Motivational Speaker

As a resilience motivational speaker, I am delighting audiences worldwide with a deeper understanding of resilience. 

Despite millions being spent on wellness initiatives, many people are still burnt out, disengaged and in danger of quitting.

This is because we are struck in a way of working where we reactively push through to meet a digital avalanche of tasks, rather than restructure our workflow as a balance between exertion and renewal.

To change this way of working is very difficult because it's deeply engrained in our culture. It requires us to unlearn deeply habitual behaviour.  

I am an expert on the neuroscience of resilience and behaviour change, delivering world class programmes to major institutions and organisations including Deloitte, the UK Government, and Oxford University. I guest teach on the KPMG C-Suite Leadership Programme, and draw on a fascinating array of leadership experience, including working as a Futurist to the British Foreign Office, where I wrote a wrote a report on the world of 2030 and how the British Government should respond.

I teach executives and people managers Leverage Point Behaviours™, that when role modelled, shift a company from burnout to resilience. 

It all begins with a deeper understanding of resilience. 

Ronan is a world class resilience teacher. His ability to connect leaders with themselves and each other is rare.  

John Waterfield, Head of Strategic Relationships, KPMG

As a resilience motivational speaker, I am captivating because I blend the science of resilience with memorable take aways to boost individual and team performance, all delivered with a good dose of humour. 

This makes me the ideal motivational business speaker for all hands leadership events where resilience is a top priority, and it needs to be delivered in a captivating way.

I left Ronan’s talk truly speechless and determined to take better care of myself. He tells his resilience story through sharing deeply moving lived experiences, anchoring it with compelling science, breathing it to life with humour and relatability – a rare, powerful alchemy that goes so far beyond a typical “keynote speaker” it seems a miss to even refer to it as that.

Essential. Inspirational. Human.

Julia Jahn - 
Director, Employee Experience, AKQA


All great motivational business speakers have a breathtaking story. Mine is a cautionary tale about the lasting consequences of burnout and how we can transform through even the greatest adversity.  

Overnight, I went from leading a global movement to being diagnosed with a lifetime chronic illness. These life experiences shape us profoundly, and I've found a way of sharing my hard won wisdom in a way that speaks directly to people's hearts. 

It's through the stories of others that we come to a deeper understanding of ourselves. With genuine vulnerability, I inspire and motivate lasting change.   

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Alongside my work as a resilience motivational speaker, I teach the mindsets and behaviours that are key to role modelling a healthy, high performance culture.

Companies can spend millions on wellness packages but if a person's immediate boss is firing off texts at 10pm on a Tuesday night, if people don't feel comfortable opening up about their mental health struggles, or if tension in a team remains unspoken, it's all for nothing. 

This leadership programme hones in on the Leverage Point Behaviours™ that when role modelled, can shift companies from burnout to resilience. 


Featured Blog 

Insightful, authentic and engaging. Ronan is a great presenter, taking a topic most are familiar with, but don’t really understand, unpacking the myths, laying out the systemic triggers and teaching some great scientifically backed techniques.


His personal story is highly compelling and I would recommend anyone working in a high performance culture or role to spend time with Ronan


Chris McBrayne, Vice President Technology, IBM

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