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Resilience Motivational Speaker

As a resilience motivational speaker, I am revealing the steps each organisation needs to take to create a healthy, high performance culture.  

I'm an expert on the neuroscience of resilience, delivering world class keynotes and resilience programmes to major institutions and organisations including Deloitte, the British Government, and Oxford University. 

I guest teach on the KPMG C-Suite Leadership Programme and draw on a fascinating array of expertise, including my time as a Lead Futurist to the British Foreign Office, where I wrote a report on the world of 2030 and how the British Government should respond.

Contact me below or discover more videos on my home page. 

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My Approach

Employees around the world are overwhelmed, burnt out, and in danger of quitting.

Despite spending millions on wellness, mental health levels are still high and on the rise.

The data is in. Most existing wellness initiatives have been shown to be a sticking plaster.

They make no difference.



The missing, deeper diagnosis is that we are stuck in a way of working that is based on Endurance Culture. Coined by the Mental Resilience Company Tough Cookie, this describes a way of working where we reactively push through to meet a digital avalanche of tasks, rather than restructure our workflow as a balance between exertion and renewal.


To shift this way of working is very difficult, because it's deeply engrained in our culture. It's part of our identity, we are addicted to it. ​So how do we shift it?

As a resilience motivational speaker, I always say we are a herd species.

We take our queue from who is above us in the hierarchy.

Companies can spend millions on wellness initiatives but if a person's immediate boss is firing off texts at 10pm on a Tuesday night, if people don't feel comfortable opening up about their mental health struggles in meetings, or if tension in a team remains unspoken, it's a waste of time.

I teach executives and people managers Leverage Point Behaviours™ that when role modelled, shift a company from burnout to resilience. 

What's crucial is that for every aspirational behaviour, we have a competing commitment to do the opposite. We want psychological safety, but we also love to gossip. We want to have healthy team dynamics but we're conflict avoidant.

This requires a transformational learning journey that triggers turning points where leaders start to see where they've been operating unconsciously from old patterns of behaviour.


My work then turns from being a resilience motivational speaker to a training partner on your organisation's learning journey, designing and facilitating programmes to ensure these behaviours are embodied day to day.   

The result is a healthy, high performance culture where people do the best work of their lives. 

Contact me today to speak to me about working together. 

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