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Most companies are pursuing outdated way of working that are driving burnout, decimating productivity, and losing their best people.

It doesn't have to be this way.    

For each on my keynote speaker topics below, I share an exclusive video that shows you what it looks like to create a healthy, high performance culture.

Join leading organisations in booking me as a speaker. 


Keynote Speaker

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Keynote Speaker Videos


Resilience Keynote Speaker

Life is not like a box of chocolates, it's a stool with four legs. Learn how to proactively avoid things falling apart. 


Wellbeing Keynote Speaker

How knowing about 'the f**k it window' will help you stick to a healthier lifestyle.


Mental Health Keynote Speaker

How I went from leading a global movement to a health crisis in two weeks. 


Burnout Keynote Speaker

Burnout is a messy spectrum. How do you tell if you have it or are just exhausted?


Leadership Keynote Speaker

The surprising way trauma drives us as leaders.

I left Ronan’s talk truly speechless and determined to take better care of myself. He tells his resilience story through sharing deeply moving lived experiences, anchoring it with compelling science, breathing it to life with humour and relatability – a rare, powerful alchemy that goes so far beyond a typical “keynote speaker” it seems a miss to even refer to it as that. Essential. Inspirational. Human.

Julia Jahn - Director, Employee Experience, AKQA

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