Keynote Speaker

I support organisations to move from burnout to resilience. My talks are simple: I share the hidden drivers of burnout as well as neuroscience based tools and cutting edge team practices to manage stress, overwhelm and drama.

To help you decide on the most suitable talk for your organisation, I've created an article series on what a HR leader should be looking for when seeking to bring in a keynote speaker or external training partner to create a healthy, high performance culture.


Here I define what we mean by leadership, resilience, burnout, mental health and wellbeing and what excellence  looks like in this space.

Keynote Speaker


Resilience Speaker

Resilience goes deeper than simply managing the mind and the body under stress.  At its best, it’s an initiation into a more mature and robust version of ourselves. 


Wellbeing Speaker

There are things you can do to increase your wellness! Learn to see the larger work and societal environments in which we are embedded that makes wellness more or less possible to attain.


Mental Health Speaker

Once our safety net is decentralised, it’s time to consider proactive psycho-education. We were never given a user manual for how our mind works.


Burnout Speaker

Endurance is one of the most beautiful aspects of the human condition. Where endurance goes wrong is when we keep pushing through and don’t listen to our bodies.


Leadership Speaker

Power affords many opportunities to choose a life of comfort and ease. Yet your legacy will only be forged through difficult and often thankless acts of service.