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Below, I share an exclusive video that shows you what it looks like to create a sustainable, high performance culture.

My innovative approach boosts productivity and wellbeing, helping companies to create a culture of sustainable high performance during times of demanding change. 

It’s the reason industry leaders trust me to work with their people.

Keynote Speaker

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Sample Keynote Speaker Videos
Note: For a full list of my13 keynote and workshop topics, visit my speaking topics page


We've got resilience all wrong

How we mistake endurance for resilience.


We're all caught in pseudo renewal

How knowing about 'the f**k it window' will help you stick to a healthier lifestyle.


The hidden gift of adversity

True resilience is an invitation to transform


Coping with the Pressure of Senior Leadership

How I went from taking on Boris Johnson to crashing and burning. 


The Inner Work of Leadership 

How do we role model healthy excellence for our people? 

I left Ronan’s talk truly speechless and determined to take better care of myself. He tells his resilience story through sharing deeply moving lived experiences, anchoring it with compelling science, breathing it to life with humour and relatability – a rare, powerful alchemy that goes so far beyond a typical “keynote speaker” it seems a miss to even refer to it as that. Essential. Inspirational. Human.

Julia Jahn - Director, Employee Experience, AKQA

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