Keywords: Gen Y, gender equality, diversity, #MeToo


Generation Y are fast becoming the majority in the workplace, and women are breaking through the glass ceiling. It’s only by understanding their values and needs that we can create workplaces of the future. However, their rise can often be alienating to Generation X and Baby Boomers, and particularly men, who can feel alienated and resentful with the turning of the tide, particularly in the wake of campaigns like #metoo. Leaders need to understand how to manage and resolve these tensions, integrating all perspectives, and creating a culture of mutual understanding and empowerment.


As one of the leading voices of Gen Y, and a champion of gender diversity in the workplace, Ronan brings an intimate understanding of the shift that’s taking place. In his deeply personal talks, Ronan shares his journey to becoming one of the first Gen Y leaders in business and politics, championing gender rights in the boardroom.


In this talk, he shares the processes that transformational leaders use to ensure that every generation and all genders feels seen and heard, how we can practically integrate each other’s perspectives, and how to build a shared understanding that is more complex and unifying.  


This is a must see talk for leaders who are grappling with tensions between generations and genders in the workplace, and are seeking to restore trust and reconciliation.


In this talk: how process female rage and male shame, Ronan explores the practical way we can bring healing between the sexes.

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