How COVID is shifting our collective mindset

The Coronavirus is the first universal experience since World War Two, bringing many deep experiences that are rupturing the cultural psyche. Among the most notable are an awareness of systemic fragility, an experience of both active citizenship and every man for himself, a confrontation with mortality, a normalisation of isolation, and an even more heightened sense of disorientation. To survive this crisis, companies must attune to this cultural moment and forge a new relationship with an altered society.

In this talk, Ronan offers a reframe of COVID, as a developmental container. Similar to when we go on retreat a transformative context reveal a different and at times deeper side of us. Yet the seeds that were planted in lockdown find themselves in a garden that remains unkept. COVID rumbles on, with fatigue, anger and economic insecurity all pilling on top of each other. 

What kind of people will prevail, and how can brands encourage the better angels of our nature?

This is a crucial talk for brands who wish to be inspiring voices in the public conversation. 

Keywords: Gen Y, Generational Divide, diversity, #MeToo, Black Lives Matter