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I'm overdue a hair cut

I had to take this photo multiple times at different angles so it wasn’t blocking out EY Ireland’s fab entrance sign! 

I’d be happy to do this anywhere but my home country where such carry on would lead to the correct conclusion: that lad has notions. 

Loved being back to deliver on EY’s director leadership programme. 

As a motivational leadership keynote speaker, I touched on the importance of the mid career mindset shift: ‘what got me here, won’t get me there’. 

In high performing organisations, It sometimes feels hard to contemplate working in a way that isn’t stressful when you’re in the thick of it. But with the right containment strategies you can become a high performer with a low risk of burnout. It was a pleasure to show them how. 

Big thanks to Emma Kavanagh and Caitlin Thiel for profiling this important conversation, and to Daniel Cunningham at Front Row Speakers who makes it all easy. 

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