Key Words: Organisational transformation, culture change, innovation 

"One of the most touching and inspiring speakers I know, he truly holds the audience in his hands" -


Josef Lentsch, Managing Partner, Innovation in Politics Institute, Germany.

The Four Pillars of Deep Adaptation

Unless we recognise the age we are in, and let go of incumbent mindsets, we will face collapse. There is a path for wise companies, and it's called deep adaptation. This talk will walk you through the four pillars, given every leader and organisation the practical steps they need to take to be survive and thrive in the coming decade.

1. Cultivating mental resilience to shift from being overwhelmed by disruption to adaptation

2. Creating mutual aid networks that build a culture of psychological growth and collaboration 

3. Upgrading collective sense-making to understand where threats and opportunities are coming from

4. Transition toward decentralised decision making to encourage experimentation at the edges   


This is very difficult work, and only the brave few organisations are able to fo it. Ronan is a leading expert in the space having founded Alter Ego, a global network of influential leaders who are creating change at this level in organisations and society. 


In this powerfully honest talk, he shares memorable leadership stories of his successes and failures in bringing deep adaptation to major organisations. This includes becoming a lead futurist to the British Foreign Office at the age of 25 and one of the youngest executives in the City of London at the age of 27. 

This talk is a must see for leaders who are trying to understand what achange agenda looks like to cope with disruption. 

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