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True Resilience: The Six Step Spiral

The 6-step resilience training takes participants through the six pillars that are central to becoming truly resilient. 

Sessions 1 will cover pillars 1 and 2, introducing participants to the neuroscience of habit formation, giving them a 21 day habit formation protocol designed by the Stanford School of Medicine. This will support participants to start breaking bad habits and make good ones.


It will also address the most common causes of overwhelm, and address productivity challenges: 

 - Tolerating difficulty
- protecting your work agenda
- overcoming screen addiction 
- setting boundaries
reducing your exposure to curve balls


Session 2 will cover pillars 3 and 4, introducing participants to advanced techniques for nervous system regulation, how to identify, process and release difficult emotions, and how to recognise low mood biases, reframe limiting beliefs, cultivate gratitude and forgiveness to prime the brain for optimism, and forge a resilient mindset.

Session 3 will cover pillars 5 and 6, introducing participants to strategies that will help them recover from minor disturbances to our days and weeks, and grow from  major life adversities.


It will provide practical techniques to recover the body from intense periods of physiological exertion, drawing on the latest science of Non Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) and will help participants design their busy working schedules for balance and nourishment, ensuring that they are able to perform at peak levels over many years. 

An A5 playbook of all the tools and practices will be given to every participant, so they have a take away at their desks to refresh their understanding. 

The presentation is accompanied by a 25 page pocket sized resilience playbook so everyone can have a reminder and step by step practice instructions on their desks back home.

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