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Instant Consigliere via WhatsApp / Telegram

Updated: Sep 9

As a senior leader you carry personal burdens and leadership dilemmas that you want to unpack and resolve instantly.

The problem is that you don't have someone internally you can truly confide in, you are reluctant to burden your spouse, or you have to wait for your next coaching session to find internal clarity, often weeks away.

My Instant Consigliere service offers you immediate clarity and resolution.

How it works

You simply voice message me your dilemma and I will respond within one hour. You can voice message as many times as you like.

You decide on the Voice Messaging platform. I recommend WhatsApp for ease and Telegram with instant self-deleting messages for complete confidentiality and peace of mind.

I sign an NDA so you feel fully confident there is safety in your disclosure about sensitive issues.

Your first week is free, so you can feel the value and then there is a monthly fee that you can cancel any time if it's no longer valuable.

I reserve this offer for a select group of senior leaders that I cultivate high trust relationships with.

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About Me

"I would recommend anyone working in a high performance culture or role to spend time with Ronan."

Chris McBrayne, VP Technology, IBM

I am known privately within executive circles as a trusted confidant.

I teach on the KPMG Executive Leadership Programme and coach SVPs of Fortune 500 companies.

My clients include Deloitte, Aviva, Sky, the UK Treasury, and Oxford University.

References from senior leaders are available upon request.


Private burdens: whether they be personal or professional, I offer a safe space for you to unpack what's going on for you. A problem shared is a problem halved, and simply being heard and understood and receiving insightful reflections helps create instant clarity and ease.

I am particularly adept at addressing relational tension that arises with colleagues or spouses having extensive exposure to couples therapy in a professional and marriage context.

Resilience: This is my primary topic specialism. I am a globally recognised expert on resilience, and provide practical advice and protocols based on clinical literature on how to manage stress, prevent burnout, improve your wellbeing, and expand your physical and mental capacity.

High Performance Culture: This is my secondary topic specialism. I teach my major clients how to create high performance cultures. 1:1, I will impart practical advice on how to address dysfunction and improve your team or department's productivity on a daily basis based on challenges that arise.

Political Strategy: Senior leadership is about how to deploy soft power. I draw on my extensive background as an Alum of the MPP at the Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford University; Lead Futurist to the British Foreign Office, Head of Political Strategy for Extinction Rebellion, and my early career with three European Political Parties.

I will advise you on how to build constituencies of influence and leverage your power in an organisation so you can advance your agenda.

You will have a consigliere by your side at all times.


"Ronan is a world-class resilience teacher. His ability to connect leaders with themselves is rare."

John Waterfield, Head of Strategic Relationships, KPMG

"I would recommend anyone working in a high performance culture or role to spend time with Ronan."

Chris McBrayne, VP Technology, IBM

"His approach required us to hold a mirror up to our everyday lives and reflect on how we are all taking care of ourselves and our teams. Our Leadership Team are still talking about it and it has prompted a very healthy and open discussion about how we build resilience for ourselves and our people. Thank you Ronan – you were brilliant."

Scott Wheatley - Head of Financial Consulting, Deloitte



WhatsApp / Telegram: +447415476379

Book a Free 30 min Consultation

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