• Ronan Harrington

Making the Connection between Disruption and Resilience

Updated: Jun 8

This year, most international motivational speakers are being asked to focus on disruption. After all, every single life on this planet has been turned upside down thanks to Covid. When you hire a speaker for a conference, they will talk about how their story of adversity mirrors the struggles we've all been through. What's missing are the insights on what separates those who fall apart and rise to the occasion. This is the psychology of resilience, the internal capacities that lead people to grow rather than wither through adversity. A Covid speaker must make the connection between big external trends, and the inner capacities we must all develop. For example, did you know what when resilient people are put into an MRI Scanner and exposed to stress, they tend to observe their bodies and really feel the stress and anxiety, without making a story about it, whereas unresilient people will disassociate from their bodies and start catastrophising about their experience. This is just one of many skills and tools that separate resilient and unresilient people in the face of disruption. So when you are booking a keynote speaker, make sure they have concrete tools and practices that audiences can take home with them.

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