Igniting Purpose In Times of Disruption
Leadership in crisis.jpeg

Key words: purpose, leadership, transformation, storytelling 

In the next 10 years, the five foundational sectors of society (information, energy, transport, agriculture, and materials) will undergo profound disruption, destroying most major industries. by 2030, Oil will be fully replaced by solar, wind and battery; dairy and meat will be fully replaced by precision fermentation, while autonomous electric vehicles will mean that less that 5% of people will own a car. The knock on effects for every aspect of our society will be enormous.

The companies most at risk are major corporations whose products and business models are locked into the old way of doing things. We only need to look at the reverse fortunes of Exxon Tesla to understand that it's easier to start from scratch and come from nowhere to remain in the game.

At the heart of the problem is an incumbent mindset that believes the future will be an extension of the past. It shows up as inertia, protectionism, an aversion to risk. How can we jolt employees out of this false comfort?

This is where the power of purpose comes in. Leaders who sense the future and define an ambitious purpose for their company stand a fighting chance of leading people into the unknown.

In this talk, Ronan will showcase the big companies who are already ahead of the curve, and how powerful stories of purpose are the key to getting everyone on board.

This is a must see talk for organisations that know they need to change, but don't know how to create that initial spark.