The 8 Step Resilience Plan: Practical Tools 

In this masterclass I will teach a blend of skills to tolerate difficulty, soothe stress, manage difficult thoughts and emotion, and recover the body from intense periods of exertion. I also addresses other causes of overwhelm: how to protect your work agenda, overcoming screen addiction, setting boundaries, designing your life to maintain high well being, reducing your exposure to curve balls, detached problem solving, and cultivating a resilient mindset. 


I will also give a primer on the neuroscience of habit formation, which is essential for people to integrate these practices. Each content block has a series of practices which can be done live, depending on the time allocated. 


The presentation is accompanied by a 20 page handout so everyone can have a reminder and step by step practice instructions on their desks back home.

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Watch the video to the right to get a taste of what I deliver.

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